AI processor

Single Chip

The Lightspeeur® 2801S AI Accelerator features high performance and superior energy efficiency (9.3 TOPS/Watt), enabling ultra fast AI edge computing and data center machine learning.

new USB solution1

USB Dongle

The standard USB 3.0 Stick can be connected to a range of devices such as PCs, laptops and mobile phones, and can enhance their image and video-based deep learning capabilities to unprecedented levels.

Multi-chip board with PCIe and M.2 Interface

The multi-chip server board with M.2 and PCIe Interface provides superior parallel compute capabilities for cloud applications.

SDK2 reshoot C

System Development Kit with USB Interface, EMMC and Special Access Port

The system development board provides a USB interface, an EMMC interface and a programmable GPIO based access, as well as software stacks to enable fast development of AI applications.