Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. introduces the Plai™ Platform, an ecosystem of products, tools and technology that expands opportunities for all interested in using, creating and developing next generation technology that is capturing imaginations. This platform provides methods for users to create their own data models within applications running on devices using technologies provided by Gyrfalcon Technology Inc.

For work or play, many are eager to learn about and to create with artificial intelligence. Plai (pronounced “play”) stands for “People Learning Artificial Intelligence”.

The methods of data model creation include the use of tools and instructions provided by the platform that enable incorporation of user collected data that can be in the form of images, video or audio into the platform. After incorporation of the data, the methods then allow the user to develop a data model by executing various processing stages that result in data models that could be useable with compatible devices in the hands of end users.

At the heart of the ecosystem are the levels of Plai…..

While Plai™ Personal supports the most basic categories of devices on the edge of networks, Plai™ Professional supports the more demanding needs of organizations and high traffic public places.